Hanna El Azzabi

As an artist, I try not to be a passive part of this system. I tinker and shape composite images. I mix mediums and references. I reconstruct meaning through fragmentation at the borderline between the real and the imaginary.


First I deconstruct and then I rebuild, using images which, taken out of their context are no longer sacred but mundane. I always start by collecting bits of materials from video games, movies, and the news to create a new composition inspired by an imaginary picture issuing from popular culture and that I keep in mind throughout the whole process. This obsessive picture had struck me at some time in the past and now it fits in well with the new context I have chosen for it. To me, everything begins and ends with popular imagery, this great nebula which has shaped us and that we then contribute to shape in our life time.

Hanna El Azzabi, French, Edinburgh based artist

Hanna El Azzabi

Title: Blue Reflection

Media: Oil on canvas

Hanna El Azzabi, Western Pyramids

Hanna El Azzabi

Title: Western Pyramids

Media: Oil on canvas

Michael Viger

“For me music and life is all about style” - Miles Davis


His life, full of culture, music, movies, art is all about style and adventures. It is our great privilege to introduce Michael Viger at Masa-UK Art Gallery. The preview of his art work will be at the Manchester Art Fair in October 2020.


Michaël VIGER is a French-Austrian Artist and Director. Over a period of 25 years, he worked as a first assistant, director, 2nd unit Director and Advisor in several well-known movies. These include: “The Tango Lesson”, “The Man in the Iron Mask” with Leonardo DiCaprio and John Malkovich, “Harrison's Flowers” with Andie McDowell, Adrien Brody and Gerard Butler, “The Visitors - Bastille day” with Christian Clavier and Jean Reno, “The curse of Edgar” with Brian Cox just to name a few.


His main inspirations were his father, a Jazz musician and artist and Yves Brayer, a famous French artist. His artworks reflect clearly the universe of jazz and cinema, a homage to the New Yorker Jazz Clubs with the shiny music instruments and their soulful musicians. The compositions of Alfred Hitchcock and the intensity of Orson Welles, play a big part in his creations. The uniqueness of his art work is the use of oil on old scaffolding wood boards, where he gives them a second life and since have become his trademark. 


Michael’s work is loved by many, as one of his most popular collectors is Damien Chazelle (Oscar Winning “Lala Lala” Director). His work has been presented in Studio Moliere Gallery in Vienna, Austria, with exhibitions in Prague and Biennale of Florence to follow. 

Christine Southworth

A member  of  the  Manchester  Academy  of  Fine  Arts,  and Society of Women Artists. Christine has been awarded the Barbara Tate Award in the 153rd SWA Annual Exhibition.

Several years ago she joined NEO Artist Print Studio where she is producing etchings based on her research and travels. She likes to work from life, developing unique interpretations of human and natural forms. 


"My main passion is for drawing, drawing helps me understand the world I live in and is a natural progression to etching. My favourite material to etch on is copper but I do use zinc and solar plates are ideal for any collage based designs".


Recently Christine has used the landscapes of the Northern estuaries, near the  Scottish  border country, in her latest work.

"I love this wild landscape where land  and sea meet the sky, it is a quiet place now , once fishermen went out from here on a daily basis. Their  cottages stand out against the flat sand, waiting for the next tide to isolate them. It is so interesting to see how steps and walkways were constructed so boats could moor at the rear of each cottage. No two cottages are the same each one reflects the handy work of the owner, I love the strength and character of the people and the mark they have left on the landscape".

Skies here are dramatic the light changes by the hour, a place of intrigue and history.

During  my  career  I  have  been  in  many  exhibitions:  Society  of  Women  Artists,  Mall  Galleries,  The Royal Birmingham, Manchester Academy and many others. My most notable commission was for Diana, Princess of Wales.  

Scholarship to Bolton College of Art  

A level: Art & Design, Craft  

Intermediate in Art and Craft  

National Diploma in Design (Lithography / Etching Main + Textiles)  

Professional History  

1978 to 2003          Bolton School Boys’ Division, Head of Art / school counsellor  

David Swithenbank

David Swithenbank (1926-2018) has spent his life at the Dawes Bank, Holcombe, Bury. He was educated at the Bury Grammar School and Bury Art School. He was in India from 1945 to 1947 and in 1945 was a member of the Art Club in the Viceroy's House, New Delhi. The country and especially Indian birds and architecture have been a lifelong study and inspiration of his. 

David was the President of the Bury Art Society founded in 1949 with the local MP as its first president, followed by LS Lowry whom David succeeded. 

It was our privilege to have had the opportunity to celebrated David's 90th birthday with an exhibition at MASA-UK Art Gallery in February 2016. 

Darko Taleski

Inspiration does not ask me when to came. I get it every time, everywhere, when I walk, when I talk with somebody, when I teach children, when I sleep, when I drink coffee, when I met new people, when I see pleases and thinks over and over again but every time in different way.. Inspiration came like a flash. I remember it and I transform it in an art piece as fast as it come it. Using a storm of emotions during creative process it is my way of giving energy to the art works. 

I usually use acrylic colors mixed with natural materials, paper and cardboard. I like to experiment with different kinds of materials and surfaces. The line in this period is primary in my works. It is usually black one composite with other colors on white background, but the line is always dominated. The line gives a dynamic and more emotion. 


Trough the art I present the feelings of other people on me, as well my feelings to myself.

Darko's art has been exhibited at MASA-UK Art Gallery since 2013 and at art fairs in: Manchester, Chester, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Darko Taleski, Acrylic on board
Gazing Away by Darko Taleski
Acrylic on board
Other Dimension
Original acrylic on canvas by Darko Taleski
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Malcolm Lucas

Malcolm Lucas is an local artist from Ramsbottom. He became interested in art at a very early age, while he was still in High School.

He was a textile designer, working for David Whitehead Fabrics at Rawtenstall. After, spending some nine years, as a studio manager he has changed his career to become a part-time teacher in ceramics at Accrington College for two years.

His influences are mostly coming from the impressionism. As, many impressionalists his paintings show artist perception of the subject, rather than the subject itself. He is leaving a personal stamp on many of his portraits, such as: lost animal toys. The main influences of his are: Lucas Freud, John Piper, Van Gough, Laurie. He finds them very inspiring, exciting and liberating.

His subjects of focus are mostly people he has met in his life.

On this subject he also adds: "I find it fascinating observing characters from a distance, and many times I get the urge to paint them. Still most of my work is concentrated on landscapes. I often try to capture atmospheric moments". Although his influences come from the impressionism he sees himself as an expressionist.

Carl Jacobs

Footpath to Black Tor
Gordale Scar
Acrylic on board
Old Man and his Dog
Original acrylic on canvas by Malcolm Lucas
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As a child I always loved drawing and painting.  At school, art was always my favourite subject and passing GCE first grade in Art, I went on to do a two year Graphics Course at Ashton-Under-Lyne College of Art, obtaining a North West Regional Diploma in Graphic Art and Design.

I have spent my whole working career in art for the advertising and publicity business producing designs and finished artwork for everything from newspaper and magazine ads to brochures, logo design and point of sale display material, working in studios in and around the Manchester area, enjoying my job tremendously.


Much of my work now is done using acrylic paints which I find really versatile.  They can be used as a thin wash; much the same as watercolours, or thickly in a similar way to oils and the other bonus is a fast drying time which enables me to work spontaneously, without waiting too long for the paint to dry.


I would say that when I begin a piece of work, my aim is not one of total realism, but more of an individual, slightly abstracted feel, which I achieve by fragmenting the image into shapes that echo certain elements in the image and then the painting, in a way takes over and dictates to me how it wants to progress.  I find this way of working really exciting and enjoyable.  


My background of graphic art has a tendency, I think, to show through in the style my work. For the last few years I have been exhibiting in several galleries in the Manchester area and also down in Padstow, Cornwall where my paintings have been receiving a substantial amount of interest. Cornish harbour scenes are indeed one of my favourite subjects.  I love to paint the quayside cottages and fishing boats, which feature in much of my work.

Patricia Leontieff

Padstow Harbour  Carl Jacobs
Original acrylic canvas by Bury artist
Original acrylic on canvas by Bury artist Carl Jacobs
Cornish harbour
Original acrylic on canvas by Bury artist Carl Jacobs
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The artist, who has been painting and exhibiting for over 20 years, brings some of her finest art at the MASA-UK Gallery at 10a Bolton Street in Bury.

She has exhibited mainly throughout the North of England. During that time her work has received many praises in exhibitions at Bury Art Gallery, The Octagon Museum in Bolton, The Hawarth Art Gallery, Accrington and Durham Massey Hall, Masa-UK Art Gallery, Bury Art Fair  and Althrinham.

Incoming tide
Dolomite Waterfall
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Bury Art Society Group Exhibition

Denny McAllister

Carl Jacobs
Mary Shaw
Derek White
Irene Cotterell
Anne Sugden
Mary Edyvean
Glyn Barnard
Malcolm Bagnall
Phil Jones
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 “I am inspired by the amazing colours and textures of nature. I endeavour to mix the flow and the randomness of landscape and growth with vibrancy of colour and shape.”


Denny was born in North Yorkshire and moved to Bradford to study Art at the Regional College of Art in the 1970’s. Benefitting from the teaching and guidance of tutors Charles Heap and Frank Johnson, both of whom taught renowned artist David Hockney.


A long career in Fashion /Textiles on home ground along with Europe and the Far East followed by ten years  teaching in the Arts at City College Manchester.


More recently Denny has led initiatives to  introduce and coach art to young people caught up in the Criminal Justice System enabling them a form of expression away from crime.


In the past year Denny decided to make a return to painting abstract art and works in both watercolour and acrylic mixes producing canvas and items of hand painted jewellery from her studio in Summerseat.

Commission work is available in most media.


She obtained a HND in Art and Design and was awarded an S.I.A.D. membership (Society of Industrial Artist and Designers) 1976. Further qualifications include a B.A. (Hons) in Contemporary Culture.

Gill Pollitt

Denny McAllister- Acrylic on board
Denny McAllister- Acrylic on canvas
Denny McAllister- Acrylic on canvas
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Gill Pollitt. Artist. Born 1974.


Gill combines her passion for art with her love of animals and the natural world, especially horses.

Although very much inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe and Laurie Lipton, Gill has developed her own style. She particularly enjoys painting horses in abstract colours using watercolour and acrylic.

Wright Platt

Wright Platt was a teacher for 40 years before redirecting his interests into Art education and then into school management.


His retirement in 2000 after 20 years, as Deputy Head of Crompton House school, Oldham, enabled him to focus on developing his creative work. Since then he has exhibited at many group exhibitions, as a member of Bury Art Society, and individually at Bury and Oldham Art Galleries. He has also exhibited in Ilkley, Saddleworth, Sheffield and the Maill Galleries, London.


A common theme running through the work is the structure and intricacy of landscape and the basic elements, which are forming and changing it.


“I am less interested in romantic sunsets of well known landmarks, but prefer those modest local features which suddenly insist on being noticed; sometimes a hedgerow or steam, a forest path or a moorland edge will clamour for attention, as the light of the seasons change.”


The work is about the need to record and share these observations through watercolour, oils and occasionally lino-print.   

Good Hair Day
Original pencil on paper
Eastern Dream 2
Original pen on paper
Wise Bird
Original watercolour on paper
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Cliffs at Lagos, Algarve
Original acrylic on canvas
Boats and Jetties
Original watercolour
Wimberry Stones by Wright Platt
Limoprint framed
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Dolomite Waterfall